First Aid Boxes - Refurbishing FAB

I had a First Aid Box (FAB) that needed painting (gloss black) and re-lettering. Option 1., take the box to a shot blasting company, which, for me, involves 40 miles in total or, option 2., do it myself.

I chose Option 2: the first job was to strip the old paint off using Nitromors. The first indicator of things going wrong; the Nitromors paint remover hardly even annoyed the paint and however many times the box was coated with Nitromors there were still traces of paint. Out comes the drill and a sanding flapper wheel, then a wire brush in the drill, there were still traces of paint left, especially in corners.

The tin was rubbed down and it felt smooth and it was undercoated, which acts as a guide coat, but the undercoat seemed to react with the old black paint. The tin was rubbed down again and re-undercoated and it seemed acceptable.

The tin was top coated in gloss black but still the old paint could be seen and, again, there was some reaction. When the black paint dried it was not a good finish, it took about five coats to get the tin to a reasonable standard and it's still not 100% perfect.

I don't know what the hell the original paint is, but, and adding in the cost of the aerosols, it would have been worth £50 to have the shotblaster blast and paint it, see below.

Paint remover

(below) The stencil has been peeled-off its backing and put on the FAB, next stage gloss white aerosol - the bubbles were smothed out before painting.

Stencil on FAB

(below) The stencil has been peeled-off the tin and I thought, 'Oh dear!', or something like that, but it was OK, the centres of the letters left were easily peeled off by catching an edge with a fine screwdriver and peeling off. The finnished tin is shown in the second picture.

Stencil on FAB

Stencil on FAB

The stencil came from Axholmesigns, , 01427 752622. Axholm will make up any stencils to your lettering and send you a proof before making. Cost of mine was £5 + postage, I was very pleased with the stencil and service. If you want the same stencil as above, and are contacting Axholme Signs, just mention the lettering because they normally keep the patterns.
Tip: stencil's are time-lifed so don't order it too long before using it, say, a month.