Austin Champ clutch operating arm

Austin Champ clutch operating arm.
The clutch operating arm, sometimes called the 'yoke' or in the Parts book,'Lever relay clutch', can wear and fail. In the photo below the left shows a worn and corroded hole and on the right is a new yoke.
Austin Champ worn clutch yoke

Because of failure of clutch yokes there is a modification kit, part no. LV9 BLC MOD 20315 shown on the left in the next photo.
Austin Champ yoke mod. kit

The next photo shows the mod. kit assembled on the yoke.
Austin Champ yoke mod. kit
Working on the clutch yoke can be a nightmare because of accessing it when taking the gearbox out - the main problem being getting the cotter pin out of the clutch operating shaft. I had to make a tool about 5' long to be able to drive the pin out.