Austin Champ, Taking the Engine Out

Taking the engine and\or gearbox out
If the reason for taking out the engine is to do major works on it then it is easier to lift the engine and gearbox out as one unit - an engine cradle is shown later. If, say, the work required is to put in a new clutch or to work on the gearbox then is it better to still remove the whole engine\gearbox unit?
The gearbox only can be removed from inside (not from underneath) the Champ and it has been done without using an engine crane to lift the gearbox. I would not do it this way becaue there is a high risk of back injury and damage to the bodywork.
Removing the engine\gearbox unit: there is another choice, whether to remove with or without the radiator, I prefer to remove the radiator because there is less weight and less chance of damage.

Engine with gearbox and radiator
Below is an engine lifting cradle. Looking at the photo it seems: the main top bar is two pieces of angle iron with a space between them; on the forward end is a flat plate for the U bolt to attach to; the other end is a flat plate for the two U bolts.
As I remember when taking out my engine\gearbox the engine must be tilted gearbox end down, on this cradle with the two pieces of angle iron it looks like the lifting bolt can be slid either way to get the right angle.
I did do mine with ropes but having seen this cradle I will probably make one up like it, much safer.

Engine lift cradle