Austin Champ isolator switch

Austin Champ isolator switch.
This switch isolates the batteries from the vehicle. These switches were not fitted from new so is it worth fiting one today? I think, yes.
The switch has two uses: one, as part of an anti-theft system; two, at shows to prevent anyone, say, switching the lights on. Also, there was an incident at a show where some 'kind' person ripped the wiring out from behind the hole on the near-side shelf to the left of the instrument panel, if two wires had shorted out there could have been a fire.
I keep the isolator switch key on a ring with the ignition switch key and find it easy, having switched the ignition to 'on', to reach under the passenger seat to insert the isolator key in the swich.
There is no theft security in the isolator key itself as these are universal keys but it is one more thing the thief as to overcome.
By using the two plates in the pictures no holes needed to be drilled.
The isolator switches are around £5\7 on eBay, (search, 'battery isolator switch').
Austin Champ isolator switch

The next photo shows the rear of the isolator and the fixing-plates used.
Austin Champ isolator switch

An isolator switch.
Austin Champ isolator switch