Austin Champ, Removing the Starter Motor



  • - have a fire extinguisher available near the engine compartment.

  • - starter motors are heavy and awkward to lift out.

  • - bonnet - it is easier to work with the bonnet resting on the windscreen, use a bungee cord or rope to hold the bonnet back - one Austin Champ owner ended up in hospital when the wind blew the bonnet onto his back, he sold the Champ because of this.

  • - put old towels over the axle and radiator cradles or else if anything is dropped you can guarantee it will fall into one of them.

  • - tools, Whitworth or BSF spanners are needed (or good adjustable spanners for the fuel pipe and tachometer cable nut).

  • - Bakelite connectors, these can be fragile.

  • - isolate batteries.
  • - lift the bonnet and rest it on the windscreen (see notes at top of page).
  • - disconnect the temperature sender unit.
  • - disconnect fuel pump inlet hose (5\16" Whitworth) - put a rag under the pump to catch the small amount of petrol that will leak out.
  • - remove the dipstick so it is not knocked or damaged.
  • - undo the three nuts on the exhaust pipe and pull it back toward the inner wing.
  • - undo the tachometer drive cable from the engine block and move it out of the way.
  • - remove the heat shield - there is just enough room to manoeuvre it out.
  • - undo the Plessey type connector and the two main electrical wires on the starter motor (two brass clamps per connection) and move them out of the way.
  • - there are two nuts on studs (top and bottom) and one nut and bolt (side) (all AF) holding the starter motor on. Spray all the nuts and bolts and the two main Bakelite connections with something like WD40 or Plusgas. The bottom nut first from underneath the Champ (it's awkward!), then the side nut and then the top nut.
  • - put an old towel or sheet over the inner wing and under the starter motor to prevent bodywork damage.
  • - move the starter motor to the left until it clears the bellhousing and grip the front (Bendix end) and lift up between the exhaust pipe and the bulkhead.

Starter motor